Pictured at the Fairy Village in Whitehallare (front): Molly Langdon (back row, l to r|):Anne Burns, Marie Sweeney, John Sweeney, Cllr Sean O' Brien, Jim Mollahan, Mary Cassidy, Seamus Cassidy, Laura Geraghty, Tom Brennan and Mick Geraghty.

Tullamore residents repurpose fallen tree to make fairy village!

A number of environmentally-conscious residents in the Tullamore housing estate of Whitehall recently repurposed a fallen tree into a beautiful fairy village - much to the delight of local children.

"The tree was dead and likely to fall so we decided cut it into special shapes so that we could make a Fairy Village in the estate" explained resident Jim Mollahan. As a former woodwork teacher in Tullamore College, Jim set about the intricate and delicate job of carving the tree to create a fairy village, while another resident of the estate, Seamus Cassidy, suggested the various designs.

Cllr Sean O'Brien, who is the secretary of Whitehall Residents Association, said the local residents have designed and placed fairy doors on a number of trees around Whitehall over the years and the children have "great fun" finding them.

"This latest creation adds further to the entertainment and imagination of the children in the area, and I hope it will inspire people to reuse fallen trees in various ways to give them a new life" said Cllr O'Brien.