Photos of the cannabis herb and MDMA (ecstasy) powder seized in Cloghan last Friday.

Drugs seized in Offaly as Gardai tell drivers not to flash lights to signal checkpoints

Following a large drug seizure at a checkpoint in Offaly last week, Gardai have said their work is being "made more difficult" by drivers who flash their headlights to alert others of a checkpoint or patrol car up ahead.

At a checkpoint in Cloghan last Friday (September 15), a vehicle was stopped and searched, resulting in the seizure of approximately €6,300 worth of MDMA (ecstasy) powder and cannabis herb.

The male driver was arrested and subsequently charged with possession of the drugs for sale or supply.

In a post on social media yesterday (Thursday), Laois/Offaly Gardai shared a photo of the seizure but added that their job was "made all the more difficult by other drivers who were flashing headlights at other motorists to alert them to a Garda checkpoint or Garda patrol car up ahead, which could have potentially hindered the potential capture of travelling criminals."

The post went on to say that, "by flashing people that the guards are parked down the road, you're also warning travelling criminals that there's a patrol car up ahead.

"You are not helping anyone in your community, and most definitely not helping to ensure road safety for others by flashing drivers that could be potentially caught for speeding or involved in other criminality like in this instance."