Sarah Michelle Gellar says Ed Sheeran is ‘most talented songwriter of his time’

By Hannah Roberts, PA Entertainment Reporter

Sarah Michelle Gellar has said that Ed Sheeran is “the most talented singer-songwriter of his time” in a post where she spoke about her friendship with the popstar.

The actress, 46, known for her lead role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, took to Instagram to dote on the Bad Habits singer, 32.

Gellar had posted a photo the day prior where she explained she had taken her daughter to Sheeran’s SoFi Stadium concert in Los Angeles for her 14th birthday.

In the follow-up post, from Monday, Gellar wrote that Sheeran was the “definition of a friend” in a lengthy caption that sat alongside a photo showing Sheeran with his arms around the actress.

The post read: “So this is my @teddysphotos appreciation post.

“First the obvious, in my opinion (and I don’t think it’s an unpopular one) he is the most talented singer songwriter of his time.

“Subtract is so much more than an album – while I have deal with my fair share of grief and loss in my life, this album not only reminds us we are not alone, it gives us hope (no strings is my personal favourite).

“I got to watch him perform this personal album Friday night and I was blown away (go to my stories for excessive performance spam).

“So first I want to thank him for that. (And make sure to get the videos where he takes his mic off and jumps into the audience to sing).

“Now for things you may not know about him. He is the definition of a friend, he’s wickedly funny, always knows how to have a good time while still being the hardest worker, he’s an incredible (and dedicated) husband and father, and I’ve never met someone so kind to his fans. (He literally made my daughter and her friends lives for her birthday).

“I am so lucky to know you Ed. You inspire your friends and your fans. (And as you can see from this pic – he always makes me laugh) And thank you @marksurridge for this pic.”