Members of the Tullamore Academy of Music Chamber Choir

Academy of Music end of year concert takes place next month

The highly-anticipated end of year concert by students from the Tullamore Academy of Music is set to take place in Esker Arts Centre on Sunday, May 19 next.

With months of rehearsals culminating in this grand event, students from various levels and disciplines will captivate the audience with their talent, with the concert promising an exciting showcase of talent from dedicated students and their teachers.

Classical compositions, contemporary pieces, and innovative performances will reflect the diverse skills nurtured within the Academy.

The concert will feature solo performances and ensemble collaborations, celebrating the hard work and artistic growth throughout the academic year.

Join the Academy of Music students and teachers as they applaud the hard work and passion that have shaped this year’s journey in the Academy as the students shine under the spotlight.

Tickets: €15 / €12 (+Booking fee) are currently available from the Esker Arts Centre website