Close to 2,000 local surgery cancellations last year - Stanley

Story by Olga Aughey

Thursday, 11th April, 2019 3:47pm

Close to 2,000 local surgery cancellations last year - Stanley

Dep Brian Stanley

There were a total of 959 surgical and 929 orthopedic procedures cancelled in Tullamore Hospital in 2018.

In the first two months of this year, there were 238 general surgeries and 121 orthopedic cancelled.

In 2017, a total of 965 surgical procedures and with a further 860 orthopedic procedures were cancelled in Tullamore Hospital.

That's according to Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley who obtained the figures from the Department of Health but could not confirm how many cancellations were made by the hospital or by the patients.

“The number of cancellations of elective surgeries and procedures in Tullamore and Portlaoise in the past two years is another sign of the serious problems in our health system.

"The figures for both hospitals are of huge concern with a total of 568 procedures cancelled by Portlaoise Hospital in 2017 and 2018, of which 447 were elective surgery.

"Despite the best efforts of local management and staff, these figures have been rising year on year from 225 cancelled by Portlaoise Hospital in 2017 to 343 last year," the Laois/Offaly TD said. 

"Already this year there has been a steady rise with a total of 77 cancelled by the hospital in January and February. If this trend were to continue, it would lead to almost 500 in the current year.

"The number of cancellations in Tullamore and Portlaoise highlights the growing problems in our Health Service. There are serious gaps and staff shortages in the EDs, theatres and frontline staff, as well as in management," he told the Offaly Independent.

"In the case of Portlaoise it is well past the time to end the uncertainty around the future of services in the hospital. These ongoing issues in what is supposed to be the public system also underline the urgent need of radical reform. This can only happen with the separation of the public and private health system and the creation of a new National Health Service.

"The need to do this, increases with every problem that comes to light and cannot be postponed indefinitely. It is now time for this Government to act and  begin radical reform of our Health Service.”

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